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You are the Curátives

Changemakers Leading the Digital Renaissance

Curátives are the changemakers guiding us in the digital renaissance and building the foundations of the creator economy.

Are you a creative thinker or entrepreneur who develops new ideas in the fields of art, coding, literature, music, business, or design? Are you someone with the ability to collect and organize ideas or content and present it in a meaningful and engaging way?

If that sounds like you, then you’re what I call, a Curátive.

Traditionally, "curative" refers to something that has healing or therapeutic properties, often used in the context of medicine or natural remedies.

I believe in the power of words and creative expression to heal humanity and raise our consciousness into an age of enlightenment!

The Curátive is someone who ultimately wants to make the world better through their work.

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Curátives: are those naturally adept at being the creator and a curator, collecting and organizing inspiration and ideas, then infusing them in original, creative ways to enlighten, synthesize, educate and positively impact those around them. That might be their immediate network or to a broader audience. They are people who aspire to a greater purpose, seeking transformative knowledge and executing through innovative practices. A Curátive prescribes knowledge in condensed forms of content that have the ability to heal our minds in a toxic world.

Personality Types: At the end of the article I've linked to a free Myers-Briggs personality test and listed a range of personality types that very much align with a Curátive. For example I'm the following...

  1. ENFJ (Protagonist): ENFJs are natural-born leaders who are passionate about helping others achieve their potential. They excel in communicating complex ideas in relatable terms and inspiring others to action, making them effective at spreading impactful knowledge and fostering growth.

The Content Pill

Red pill, green pill... whatever colour you like. The well known idiom of "a hard pill to swallow" predates the common reference to 'The Matrix', and describes a fact, truth, or situation that is hard to accept or come to terms with.

The Curátive is able to tackle the hard to swallow problems and boil down a synthesis of knowledge. The content they compact, ranges from short form tweets to long form books or even consulting solutions and education.

Swallow it, smoke it, sip it or stick it up your ass... the Curátives pill is compacted knowledge that can change the world for the better.

I hear you say... "I'm a writer, artist or designer and I gather inspiration and research for my work already?"

But do you share this process with the world? Do you document your journey and communicate the greater purpose of your work? Do you tell people why you believe so strongly in what you do? Many artists have written their 'artists bio', but leave it at that. Turn it into a living document that you write about regularly. If you're a writer, start writing your own content about what matters to you.  

The activating ingredient is being able to communicate your ideas to an audience. A writer may be closer to achieving that, but many writers are also busy 'doing' the writing for others and not stepping back to find a purpose for their own writing. Likewise, a designer might dabble with their own designs on the side, sell them on stock sites etc... but few learn to communicate an overriding intent or purpose in their work. This is where the designer is often the artist as well. Most artists do it part-time while earning a living elsewhere... busy creating their work when they can, but frustrated at never finding opportunities to get their work seen more.

Am I saying this is just learning to write about your work? No, but it's the best place to start. You don't have to be a 'great writer'... it's the thought that counts.   

You can record a simple video on your phone, talk to camera or film what you're working on and talk over the top if you don't like being on screen.

The mindset of a Curátive is where it really starts.

I believe this is something which comes naturally to every creative thinker, artist, writer or designer, but remains unrealized and underutilized. The common hesitation, particularly among artists, is "I don't have time to do anything but create!". But it's something you already internalize.

It only requires a few raw ingredients:

1.) Identify Your Motivation (or the Problem you are trying to Solve)

2.) Find the Solution

3.) Communicate the Purpose

1.) Identify Your Motivation

No matter what you do, you need to address pain points for others. I'll use an artist as an example but the same applies whether you're a writer, business founder or a stay at home mom! Your work resonates with those who feel an emotional connection to it on some personal level. Sure, some people will get that impact by knowing nothing about you or your intent. But surely you want what you do appreciated, or to have your work seen and more importantly, felt, by more than just 'some'. Getting your work out to a broader audience comes from finding more people that can relate to your work. 

Ask yourself this: What made me start my endeavors in the first place? What in your best moment excited you about it.

Was it because picking up a paint brush and painting has a meditative quality and you simply love the process? Great... the problem your trying to solve, is just the opposite of doing that.

So then ask yourself this: If you don't create, how does it make you feel? Anxiety, depression, lack of focus, creative block?

2.) The Solution

The Solution usually starts with the simple steps to getting started. That's the hardest part for most people. If you're doing it you are a few steps ahead and we love hearing from people who are just a few steps ahead because it still feels achievable.

So think of practical steps. Take a lesson from the popular YouTube format "If I were starting again - this is what I'd do!". List them out because everyone loves actionable lists.

3.) Consistency & Purpose

Don't even think about your audience to start, forget about who is watching, reading... or the zero likes and views. Do it for yourself and once you start, do not stop.

I'll say it again... as much for me as I say it for you. Do Not Stop!

Finally, keep hammering your purpose. This is the secret sauce I've seen from working with inspirational founders. Dogged repetition of not just their main goals, but their transcendent purpose.

Transcendent Purpose

Your transcendent purpose is that unwavering belief, that what you do, no matter how minor, has the potential for major impact.

Now for the hardest pill to swallow.

If you really can't find that purpose in what you do. GTFO and do something else.

You can live a life without purpose, but it's not a life well lived. Live the life of a Curátive.


If you don't know your Myers-Briggs persoanlity type I'd recommend this free assessment on

Curátives" encompass a broad range of personality types, yet certain Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personalities may naturally align more closely with the Curátive concept due to their intrinsic characteristics. These personality types are particularly adept at blending creativity with an analytical mindset to curate and create impactful content. Here are a few MBTI types that fit the Curátive profile:

  1. ENFP (The Campaigner): ENFPs are known for their enthusiasm, creativity, and ability to connect seemingly unrelated concepts to create novel ideas. Their natural curiosity and ability to see the big picture make them excellent at gathering diverse insights and synthesizing them into meaningful content. They're motivated by their desire to inspire and uplift others, aligning closely with the Curátive's goal to heal and enlighten.

  2. INFJ (The Advocate): INFJs are visionary and creative, with a deep sense of idealism and integrity. They often feel compelled to make the world a better place. INFJs are skilled at writing and expressing complex ideas in a way that others can understand, making them natural curators of knowledge with a transformative impact.

  3. INTP (The Logician): While INTPs might seem an unconventional choice, their unparalleled ability to analyze complex problems and devise innovative solutions can make them excellent Curátives in domains like technology, coding, and science. They are adept at collecting vast amounts of information and distilling it into core insights and theories.

  4. ENTJ (The Commander): ENTJs are strategic leaders who excel at organizing projects and people to achieve long-term visions. Their ability to see possibilities, coupled with a drive to transform ideas into reality, can align well with the Curátive's role as changemakers and builders of the creator economy.

  5. ENFJ (The Protagonist): ENFJs are natural-born leaders who are passionate about helping others achieve their potential. They excel in communicating complex ideas in relatable terms and inspiring others to action, making them effective at spreading impactful knowledge and fostering growth. This one is me!

  6. INFP (The Mediator): INFPs possess a unique blend of creativity, empathy, and an intrinsic drive to help others and make the world a better place. Their ability to express deep concepts in creative and accessible ways makes them natural Curátives, especially in the arts, literature, and any field that benefits from a deep understanding of human emotions.

These personality types share common traits that align with the ethos of a Curátive: creativity, the ability to synthesize and curate information, a drive to impact the world positively, and the communication skills necessary to share their vision with a wider audience. However, the essence of a Curátive could potentially be found in any personality type, given the right motivation, mindset, and commitment to their craft and its purpose.

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